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    Far east cable in the process of its development, attaches great importance to cultivate their own corporate culture, and put great effort in the construction of enterprise culture and the culture of the far east cable have been widely recognized far east staff, even affected the values of the individual, so it can be naturally reflected in the organization and the staff's daily behavior, has formed the far east now organization atmosphere.

    Corporate Mission:

    Offer high-quality service for

    global power transmission.



    Corporate Vision:

    To be the leader in the global cable industry.

    Core value:

    Focusing on Customers,Centering on Staff Excellent in Both Quality and Performance,

    Ambitious and Passionate,Honest and Pragmatic,

    Pursuing Innovation and Excellence,self-reflective,

    Achieving Harmony and Win-Win.

    Operation principle:

    take science and technology

    as impetue;take innovation as spirit;take

    quality as life;take brand as goal;be

    market-oriented;take capital as means;

    take benefit as centre;take management;

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