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  2. Major Project: The Power Grid Super Project, with the Participation of the Far East Cable

    Source:遠東網站管理 Published: 2021-11-25 Hits:

    On November 23, 2018, the Tibet - China Power Network Project was officially completed and put into operation. After the Qinghai-Tibet power network, and Sichuan-Tibet power network engineering, the State Grid Corporation built an extra-high voltage power transmission and transformation project which breaks through the forbidden zone of life and challenges the limit of survival. It was also the most complex and challenging highland ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation project in the world at that time. It broke many records of power grid project construction and operation, creating many records in the world. It was a super project.

    As a leader in cable industry for 36 years, The Far East Cable Co., LTD., (Abbreviation: Far East Cable) a subsidiary of Far East Smart Energy Co., LTD., (Abbreviation: Far East Stock Stock code: 600869) has provided more than 6,200 tons of wire and cable products for the Tibetan-China Power interconnection project with a supply quantity of nearly 100 million yuan, making important contributions to the completion and operation of the project and highly recognized by the project owner.

    The Tibet-China Power Interconnection project consists of the Tibetan-Central and Qamdo Power Grid Interconnection Project and the Sichuan-Tibet Railway Lhasa to Nyingchi power supply project. It starts in Mangkam County, Qamdo city, Tibet, and ends in Sangri County, Shannan City, spanning three cities and 10 districts and counties in Tibet. With a total investment of 16.2 billion yuan, 16 substations with 500 kV circuits and supporting projects were expanded, 2,738 kilometers of 500 kV circuits and supporting engineering lines were built., making it the largest and longest power grid project in Tibet at that time. After the project was completed and put into operation, the Qinghai-Tibet Interconnection project and Sichuan-Tibet Interconnection Project were connected, marking that Tibet power grid officially entered the era of ultra-high voltage.

    The Tibet-China Power Grid project was the world's highest and longest power grid project at that time, with an average operating altitude of more than 4,000 meters and an altitude difference of 3,100 meters between the highest and lowest towers. Moreover, the geological structure along the project is complex and geological disasters are widely distributed, so it is also the world's most complex natural conditions of the power grid project. For the project owner, completing the project on time is a huge challenge. Similarly, for many enterprises involved in the construction of this project, they also face a series of problems, including the physical discomfort of construction personnel and various obstacles in business promotion, which need to be overcome.

    Take the Far East Cable as an example. Facing such a super project, Far East Cable dare not slack off, and needs to pay high attention to the project to provide high quality products and professional services. For example, in terms of products, Far East Cable has adjusted the related technological parameters of the cable according to the specific requirements of the project owner due to the special climatic conditions in Tibet, so that the cable can be cold-resistant and the insulation thickness has been increased to ensure high-quality power operation and transmission in the plateau. It is applied in eight substations such as Nyingchi, Bomi, Batsuk, Bangda, Mangkam, Ranwu and Gongga.

    In terms of service, Far East Cable demonstrates its quality and value with five-star professional service. In order to better serve this super project, Far East Cable specially set up a technical research and development marketing team to participate in the construction of the project. Because of the complex geological structure and the wide distribution of geological disasters along the project, the project with the most complex natural conditions in the world posed great challenges to the members of the Far East team.

    In this process, the members encountered countless difficulties, and needless physical discomfort. In addition, they also encountered rugged roads, long and tough journey and other problems, even earthquake, mud-rock flow, landslides which can only see in the news of the extremely destructive disasters in the past. In addition, most of the construction sites are in the suburbs, with few people and poor living conditions. Some members have said that it is hard to imagine the hardships of on-site construction without first-hand participation and those who are not at the front line. However, the members of the Far East team had no fear, grasped the nettle, stuck to their posts and made selfless dedication to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

    In fact, Far East Cable established a professional technical service team long time ago to provide customers with comprehensive and full-cycle professional services such as scheme design, product selection, installation guidance and field testing. At the same time, we respond to customers' demands in a timely manner. No matter the distance, remote or not, we can arrive at the site in the first time to help customers solve the problems encountered in the use of products. Thus, we have won customers' full recognition of Far East brand and won the title of "Five-star Service Certification".

    As a leading enterprise in the industry, Far East Cable has been deeply involved in the electric power construction in Tibet. It has extended its business to Tibet for a long time and participated in the following construction projects: household electrification projects, electric power construction in areas without electricity, urban network renovation projects, agricultural network upgrading projects, real estate construction projects and rail transit projects and these projects have been carried out in Lhasa, Nyingchi, Qamdo, Nagqu, Mangkam, Mozhu and Dazi, so Far East Cable has made important contributions to the rapid development of Tibet's electric power industry.

    To this, the Far East Holding Group founder, chairman, party secretary Jiang Xipei has said that "from the areas without electricity, isolated net to networking construction, from the 110 kV and 220 kV power grid voltage grade, and then to 500 kV, Far East has accompanied the development of Xizang electric power industry step by step and witnessed its leap again and again. It is our pride to spread light and warmth on the roof of the world and leave a footprint of the Far East on the electric road."

    Since its establishment, Far East Cable has been closely following the pace of national development, providing high-quality products for national infrastructure construction, participating in numerous engineering construction, and adhering to the concept of customer-oriented, which has been highly appreciated by customers. In the future, Far East Cable will continue to drive development by quality, build itself into a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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